Whole Sale Distribution


Our professionals are specialized in providing solutions by understanding the basic difficulties in managing the more challenging and demanding field of wholesale distribution. Since the field covers all the categories in the market, the industrial people are in need of more advanced management systems to sustain.

We provide solutions featuring

  • Supply-chain distribution management
  • Inventory/retail Point of sale indications
  • Retail billing/supply order management
  • Item accounting/stock checking indications
  • Resource planing/sale evaluation generating sol.

Which will exactly fulfill the needs of

  • Wholesale shops/ distributors
  • Broad-market investors
  • Supply-chains/Mall distributors
  • Warehouse/Storage owners
  • First sale/Second sale/manufacturer.

With our key features like

  • Application design/development/testing/deployment
  • Existing application optimization/enhancements
  • Technical support/maintenance.