Media & Entertainment


Every day, we can witness a new technology being implemented in the media and on the internet. AJ Square is in a stronger path of implementing, the newer innovative technologies in the field of media & entertainment. Nowadays, media & entertainment companies struggles for  content creation/management, delivery, improvement in their services and search for newer technologies. The medias like print media, broadcasting services are facing competitive markets due to the new innovative ideas from their competitors.

What we offer:

  • Application development/maintenance/support
  • Media-based Business consulting services
  • Websites operations/portal management/maintenance
  • Business intelligence services
  • SEO consulting/leveraging existing content archives
  • Content enhancements/Re-engineering services
  • CRM maintenance/other management software solutions
  • Data migration/storage/management/DBA solutions

& we offer, other media-related solutions like:

  • Editing/mixing/digital CGI-software solutions
  • Games & Animations development services
  • Intellectual property management software
  • SCM for media-based industries
  • Consumer online analytics for Advertising services

And Our solutions/services will suit the needs of segments like:

  • Printing & publishing industries
  • Broadcasting & advertising media
  • Games & Interactive entertainers
  • Film & entertainment media