The surmounting operational and economic challenges in the insurance industry is making them to search for the cost-efficient and easy-to-manage solutions for them. In this segment, we are capable of providing the insurance companies, a well-structured software solution comprising:

  • Agency/Branch/Policy administration solution
  • Automated policy/proposal generation solution
  • Trading/ Accounting/Investment management solution
  • Under writing/Claims/settlement management sol.
  • MIS/Statistical report generating solution
  • Cycle extension solutions (For new policies)
  • Full text/number/sum-assured indexing solutions

Includes our key services like

  • Optimization in your non-strategic processes, business processes and core-activities focusing.
  • Application design/development/testing/maintenance
  • Application analyzing/optimization for existing

Which will surely suit the needs of

  • General/collateral/Life insurers
  • Auto/Home/Credit/Liability insurers
  • Health/causality/Disability insurers
  • Property/Closed-community insurers