We have specialized in the segment of health-care management solutions and we provide solution where it will help our clients to reduce their operational cum management costs, improves customer experience with increased performance.

We deliver

  • Health portal solutions
  • Medical-tourism management solutions
  • Automated clinical form generation solutions
  • Health-based on-line community solutions
  • Technology-optimization solutions
  • Medical device application integration solutions
  • Billing and claims management solutions
  • Revenue and service products management solutions
  • Data encryption & role-based security solutions
  • Customer/Clinical content management solutions

and our services includes

  • Consulting
  • Application design/development/testing
  • Application maintenance/migration/re-engineering
  • Application Integration.

Which will suit the needs of

  • Hospitals & Physicians
  • Nursing homes & Diagnostics laboratories
  • Health insurance services
  • Pharmacies & Medicine manufacturers
  • Health-based Non-governmental & Governmental organizations .