SEO Services

Our SEO Experts will Profit your company and enable you to focus on your business while we achieve your goals.

Success of your web site will not be measured by how good it looks or how fast it loads. But it is measured by the number of customers and the amount of income it brings you. When a visitor enters a key word for his search, the first 20 site will get his attention. And only those 20 sites have a change to convert that visitor into their customer. In this internet world, every six second, a new website is coming. To survive successfully in this internet world, it is mandatory that one should use the help of SEO.

  • Increased Visibility
  • Increased Traffic and sales
  • Competitive edge
  • Lowered marketing Cost

Do you like to register your web site’s presence on the world web arena? Yes would be the answer from you if you are in to serious business. Your business or product should be known by everyone. Your web site should be easily found among thousands of web sites out there. The internet users need to come to your web site to his need very easily without delay.

What is SEO ?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a mechanism to provide the high rank on major search engine and in other word SEO, as a marketing strategy, can often generate a good return. This is a process of structuring a web page so that is found, read, and indexed by search engines in the most effective manner. A successful Internet marketing campaign may drive by organic SEO and may involve the use of paid web advertising on major search engine and top level of website. The Search Engine Optimization results in making your web site and its content attractive, relevant and visible to search engines and web searchers.

How Search engine works?
In simple terms, we can say, there are three pieces of software which make the search engine. They are Spider software, Index software and the query software.

Spider Software
It crawls the web looking for new pages to collect and add to the search engine indices. We say so. In reality, it requests pages a from a web site in the same way as Microsoft explorer, or firefox or whatever browser you use to request pages to display on your screen .
The difference is the browser collects image and formatting whereas the spider collects only the text, links and URLs from which they come. Links attracts spider more because it leads to other web pages that has the things like Text, links, and URLs.

Index Software
It can catch everything that the spider throws at it. The index makes the sense of the mass of text, links and URLs using what is called an algorithm – a complex mathematical formula that indexes the words, the pairs of words and so on. These algorithms analyses the pages and links for word combinations and assigns score that allows the search engine to judge how important the page might be to the person who is searching. And of course, it stores all the information and makes it available.

The Query software
This is the front end and what you see when you go to a search engine. The main feature of the query software is the box in which people type their search terms. The visitors can type in their words, and the search engine will help to match the words by searching the web. We say so. But in reality the query software does not search. It just checks the records that have been created by its own index software. And those records have been made possible by the raw materials the spider software collects.


Keyword Analysis
People use different words when they search online for your business/products. We will analyse those key words and help your web site to be easily accessible by all the visitors. With our keyword analysis, you can optimize your web site content by using the most popular keywords for your product and services. You can also be able to research your online markets.

Search Engines Submissions
We have the top quality list of search engines which we handpicked to submit to search engines. With this we make sure that your site is getting the maximum exposure.
We help you to get your site indexed in the top search engines. Our professionals will examine your web site before submission to confirm that the Meta tags of the site are suitable for search engine submission. Our team will submit your web site to as many search engines. Please note that we submit your sites in the top search engines only.

Directory Submissions
It is an excellent method of gaining quality one way incoming links to your site which helps to
Increase your links popularity, traffic, visibility of your web site.

  • It helps you to increase in the link popularity
  • It is fast and affordable way to get one-way links.
  • It helps you to get higher position in the search engine result pages. We will submit your site to most of the search engine friendly web directories by hand.
  • It helps to add a direct static link to your site which will help the search engine to count you as a link to you while crawling and thus increase your rankings. These links are permanent one way links which would strengthen your link popularity on the web. We do all the directory submissions manually.
  • Your site will be listed in the most relevant listing.

And also,

  • Web page analysis
  • Page factor analysis
  • Optimization
  • Tag creation for landing page
  • Tag creation for additional pages
  • 301 Redirect Implementation
  • Site map creation
  • Site map submission
  • Landing page optimization
  • Manual submission to Google, Yahoo! And MSN
  • Reporting and Ranking
  • Google analytics setup