Outsourcing is basically targeted towards cost efficiency and reduction of operational difficulties. At present, the global scenario is changing vigorously. Organizations are in terrific need of innovative & easily adaptive solutions which are highly Flexible, Agile and well-Connected, but as a result of constricted technology being available over the past decades, many organizations are working in a complexity involved environments. To those organizations, an abrupt transformation is both essential to face the market competition, and it surely involves a major change.

Intensified market competition constricting the core business performances, is obviously the most important burden to an enterprise. So, the IT Outsourcing is growing as an important commercial measure for enterprises and it is seen as a corporate identity.The BPO unit of AJ Square has relevant expertise in domain areas, which is why they provide world class solution at low cost.

Surely, AJ Square will be a partner who has the expertise to connect up these technologies and get them all working in a technologically harmonious work space and Absolutely, we are a kind of much stable outsourcing company who provide our clients, a range of specialty, in each field.

In accordance with the situations in the international outsourcing scenario, mainly, we concentrate on the following services

Projects Outsourcing

AJ Square, provides software development services to the client companies which is a challenging and ultimately a rewarding task. It combines the technical challenge of applying technology to solve problems with the discipline of sound business management practices. Outsourcing the work will be a cost-effective and a best solution to you.

Our Services in this sector includes:

  • Banking and Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Logistics
  • Telecommunication
  • Health care

Multimedia and Game outsourcing

With a Professional expertise, we make your web to look very user-appealing with exclusive designs and have our own ‘Gaming studio’ delivering world-class game products.

In this age of cut-throat market & increased competition, your product needs to stand out to get noticed. E-mail and Internet marketing tools give your customers, a more interactive product with strong visual images of your products and services. Sure, It keeps the visitor’s attention.

Whether you need to maximize customers and user attention, or provide illustrations in support of information, be it applications or databases, multimedia goes a long way in ensuring that, efficiently and effectively, in market positioning. A multimedia concept integrates different media types like animation, video, audio, text and graphics to give a complete presentation.

We provide:

  • Web-site & entire portal Designing
  • PC-based, Console based games
  • Casua, online, downloadable games
  • Flash & Shockwave games

Testing Services

Our company provides Software Test Consulting and other related Services. We propose ideas to our global clients, to plan their software testing investments and to handle critical testing processes to minimize the total cost of producing quality software.

Our approach is a risk-based one to get to the favorable results & we overcome the reasons for negative outcomes. We concentrate, on defect prevention by re-designing testing procedures around the entire process lifecycle and in executing optimized testing plans. Our “Will succeed” approach with an responsive and agile mindset results in customer satisfaction and business retainment. Our specialty is delivering the product-on-time within a fixed budget.

Our Services in this sector includes

  • Tests customized to client’s need
  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing

Technical Support

In terms of clients’ demands, we lend professional, skilled and experienced technicians to complete a client’s projects delivering a good services.

AJ Square offers a flexible suite of support services to assist you in after sales experience which truly would be a memorable experience for you.

  • Excellent Post software delivery support
  • Team of established developers
  • Visionary Team Leaders
  • Experienced Project Manager