Consultancy Services

The back bone of any industry relies on the best consultations it gets to run the business with more success stories than the others. The vigorous growth of both the information technology and business management industries started from their successful consultation clients. Our AJ Square’s strength is our seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field of business consulting and delivering world-class solutions to clients from small-size businesses to bigger enterprises. Our latest trend in the industry is to drive it with a view of innovative business strategies by means of technology as an effective tool.

Our consultants understands the difficulties in your business using an analytical approach and recommends practically applicable plans. Our consultations will ensure your future profitability by leveraging the technology in your enterprise.

Our method to success is by understanding the customer’s needs, identifying the apt technology for their business and implementing it in a more practical way in a cost-effective manner. Our unique feature is that even our top management professionals, get directly involved in delivering a more quality product and ensures the customer’s satisfaction.

Business Consulting

In the field of business consulting, we focus on our client’s business performance enhancement by the reduction of risks in the global organizational model concerning the wideness of the industry and strengthening their technology to rip more valuable business performances. Our consultants identify the opportunities to drive the business excellence and captures the places of value chains in-built in the business to organize and redefine them. It leads the organizations to huge cost savings and operational excellence. When committed, we give priorities to business improvements, application optimizing and ensuring productivity improvement with effective outsourcing.

  • Improving Productivity
  • Management monitoring
  • Risk Management
  • Business Feasibility Study
  • Effective optimization techniques

Process Consulting

The emergence of continuous challenges in the world economy, demanding better business improvements and simplified governance of industries pushes them to operate more efficiently and handle their business processes in a profitable way. Our consultants are abreast of the in-depth of the industry with knowledge about international business process and their subsidiary works. So when it comes for consultation in any kind of process, we offer the most accurate and easily implementable solutions to run business processes. We are capable of handling refining of process roots, revamping the running process to streamline the transition for betterment.

Core-process Excellence

  • Help Organization in achieving their core process excellence
  • Indefinite change leading to maximize profits


  • Information Technology Strategy
  • Information Technology Cost-Reduction
  • Information Technology Organization Development
  • Information Technology Assessment

Quality Consulting

AJ Square’s Quality Consulting methodology is sharply focused on enhancing the quality standards of the customer’s organization by aligning the people, processes and technology with their business objectives. It provides a unique value to its customers in being able to combine its technical capability, with some of the most robust domain expertise in selective verticals , to offer best-in-breed solutions in a globally distributed delivery environment. AJ Square Quality Process Consulting offers you the best service for assuaging the clients world wide in the field of Transformation services. Our Quality Process Consulting provides entire development service where in complete assessments and initiating work of  Process definition, implementation & training is performed.

Our quality team greatly caters the  Quality Consulting Services towards satisfaction of the global clients. Our professionals are well- experienced in the field of Project management, Software Engineering, process models like CMMI, ITIL, ISO etc. They possess one of the best creative work in delivering the excellence towards the global clients.

The stabilization of technologies and standardization of business practice can be attained only through the implementation of quality-checking resources. Our professionals offer customizable process solutions to satisfy all-round needs of a customer with improved technical values and operational excellence. In the global economy, every business professional expects quality, cost reduction, productivity, integrity and agility in their business process.


  • Agile Methodology
  • RUP (Rational Unified Process) Methodology

Technology Consulting

The identification of the apt technology is the biggest difficulty for any kind of business people. We serve those clients using a rich pool of resources and technology expertize to improve their performances. For effective sustainability, they too take some innovative consultations from us and peak their process with appropriate optimizations. Our approach harnesses a world-class solution with the highest efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

Product Innovation

  • Analyzing Market Needs for New products
  • Products customized to Individual requirements
  • Maintenance to Global Standards
  • Product Life cycle Management (PLM) adherence

Projects Outsourcing

  • Internet Portal Applications
  • Custom Software development
  • E Commerce
  • Mobile Applications
  • Project Development Management
  • Software Internationalization and Localization